Membership Information

After reading all the good things about VVA Chapter 1136, you are probably asking yourself “how do I get involved with these folks to make a difference in the lives of our veterans”? It’s simple… on the links below to be directed to an application for either the VVA membership application or the Associates application. The criteria for each are spelled out on each application. Simply print out the application, fill in the required information, attach a copy of your DD-214 for veteran applicants (with your social security number blacked out), along with a check for your dues and mail it to…….

Membership Chairman
Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1136
????, NC  286??

….and we’ll take it from there. Do not be concerned with the question for a “sponsor”. Your DD-214 shows you are qualified and your brothers here at the chapter will act as your sponsor. Associates do not have to submit anything other than the application and dues payment.

It’s that simple to become part of the greatest veteran’s service organization in the country. Chapter 1136 did not get to be the largest VVA startup chapter in the state of North Carolina by accident. It happened because we DO what the others only talk about. We’re all about “veterans helping veterans”. If that sounds like the type of organization you’d like to be part of, we welcome you aboard. You’ll find that the benefits of your membership far outweigh the small cost of membership.

WELCOME HOME, and we look forward to seeing you around the chapter.

CLICK HERE for Membership Application

CLICK HERE for Associate Membership Applicaton